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Swiss Soft Days - 32nd edition

The University of Basel organises the Swiss Soft Days, 32nd edition.

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Maria's paper is highlighted in Chemistry World

Maria, University of Basel, in collaboration with Ainoa, University of Groningen in the Netherlands, have their paper highlighted in Chemistry World!

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Dr. Anja Car wins Teaching Excellence Awards 2023

We congratulate Anja on winning this impressive prize!
Wiley top downloaded article, Cornelia Palivan

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Top downloaded article!

Congratulations to Cornelia Palivan whose paper "Artificial Melanogenesis by Confining Melanin/Polydopamine Production inside Polymersomes" was one of the most downloaded during its first 12 months of publication in MACROMOLECULAR…
Small cover

Cover art featured as front cover of Small Special Issue "Synthetic Biology and Biomimicry"!

We are pleased to see our cover art being featured as front cover of Small in the Special Issue "Synthetic Biology and Biomimicry"

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Vichi's paper is highlighted in CHIMIA!

Vichi's paper entitled Directed Self-organization of Hard and Soft Nano-materials by DNA Hybridization has been selected as part of CHIMIA's Polymer and Colloid Highlights to illustrate the Swiss Chemical community's broad research areas. …

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Anamarija Nikoletić joined the Palivan group for her PhD thesis, welcome!

During her PhD, Anamarija will be working on Multi-compartment nanofactories for on-site and on-demand drug synthesis and delivery as part of an SNI project, co-supervised with Prof. Dr. Oya Tagit, FHNW.

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Manuel Kraus joined the Palivan group for his PhD thesis, welcome!

During his PhD, Manuel will be working on asymmetric polymer matrices for functional surfaces in advanced technologic applications.

PostDoc position open!

We are currently looking for a postdoctoral researcher for the development of Smart Surfaces for Biosensing Applications. Find the job description in the document below.

Master thesis position open!

We are currently looking for a Master student in a project related to the design of functional surfaces. Find further information in the document below.

Daela Milinkovic joined the Palivan group for her Master Thesis

Daela Milinkovic joined the Palivan group for her Wahlpraktikum and is continuing on with her Master's Thesis in our group.
Janus NP paper

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"Hard" and "soft" nanoobjects asymmetrically tied together by DNA

Researchers in the Palivan group have developed a strategy for the controlled self-organization of disparate nanoobjects into hybrid clusters as a new type of material at nano-scale. These clusters uniquely combine "hard" asymmetric…

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Djallal won the GFP thesis prize 2022

Djallal received the thesis prize 2022 form the french group of polymers ‘GFP- Groupe Français d’études et d’applications des Polymères’. His thesis entitled ‘Formulation of glyco-nanostructures via photo-RAFT polymerization induced…

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Group Retreat 2022

For this years group retreat, the Palivan group traveled to Laax and spend 3 days in the Canton of Grisons, sandwiched in between beautiful mountains.

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Welcome to our new group member, Djallal!

Djallal Ikkene started a postdoc position in our group and will be working on the synthesis, characterization and self-assembly of protein-based amphiphilic copolymers. Welcome!
Ale poster prize

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Alessandro won a poster prize at Frontiers of Polymer Colloids Conference in Prague

With his excellent poster about "Polystyrene-block-poly(vinyl alcohol) nanostructured self-assemblies for preparation of pervaporation membranes", Alessandro Angelini won a prize for one of the best poster presentations at the international…

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Congrats, Dr. Angelini!

Alessandro successfully defended his PhD thesis. He gave an excellent presentation about his work, entitled “Nanostructured pervaporation membranes for bioethanol dehydration”. We are happy to keep Alessandro in our group for another year…

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Congrats, Dr. Chimisso!

Vittoria successfully defended her PhD Thesis. She gave an excellent presentation about her work with the title "Anionic microgels for colorful smart materials". We wish her all the best for her future and hope to see her back in Basel,…

Anamarija Nikoletic joined the Palivan group for her Master Thesis

Anamarija will work on the synthesis and Complex Self-Assembly of pH responsive Quadrablock Copolymers.

Zoë Schölly, a high school student, joined the Palivan group for a maturity project.

Zoë investigated different ways to form giant unilamellar vesicles as well as their membrane fluidity using fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP), under Luka's supervision. We wish her a good time in our group for this…