Shabnam Tarvirdipour

General Information

Department of Chemistry
University of Basel
Mattenstrasse 24a, BPR-1096
4058 Basel, Switzerland

phone: +41 61 207 10 34
email: shabnam.tarvirdipour@clutterunibas.ch

Alternative address:
Department of Biosystem Science and Engineering (D-BSSE)
ETH Z├╝rich
Mattenstrasse 26, BPR-1058
4058 Basel, Switzerland

phone:+41 61 387 31 25
email: shabnam.tarvirdipour@bsse.ethz.ch


Peptide vectors for gene delivery (co-supervised with Prof. Y. Benenson, ETH-D-BSSE)


Studied Chemical Engineering at Sahand University of Technology, Iran. Received Master degree in Chemical Engineering-Biomedical Division from Tarbiat Modares University, Iran; under the mentorship of Prof. Ebrahim Vasheghani-Farahani.
In 2017 moved to Switzerland to pursue a PhD program in Nanoscience under the collaborative supervisions of  Prof. Cornelia Palivan and Prof. Yaakov (Kobi) Benenson. The PhD project focuses on interdisciplinary research area in the field of biotechnology and nanomedicine for developing a novel therapeutic delivery system.